Who we are

We like to describe Community Planning Resources (CPR) as a multi-service community toolbox, combining a team of diverse specialists with fresh and innovative approaches to local and regional community development. Our main focus is to develop relationships with the communities we work with, and to identify the unique needs of your community, team, or project.

At this time, the team behind CPR is not available for hire due to our individual professional obligations. Each of us are employed full-time at governmental and non-governmental organizations within the planning and economic development profession. We are open and available for consultation within our areas of expertise and on the projects demonstrated on this website in the form of professional presentations.


Community and Economic Development

Whether working with local governments or private enterprises our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our clients to engage with local populations in their projects. Our team members have experience in grant and loan procurement, project administration, on-the-ground public engagement, and comprehensive development / redevelopment programs

Entrepreneurial Development

Our core team members have worked for and with creative entrepreneurial enterprises, and have experience with the unique needs of a startup community. We see CPR as an advocate for entrepreneurial communities, and the best way we can remain involved is to step aside and let entrepreneurs grow while offering advice and networking that fits within a particular concept. 

Geographic Analysis & Mapping

Open-source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are readily available tools, and we are able to leverage our experience to produce map based statistical analyses, existing conditions reports, and market studies. A bevy of geospatial and demographic data is available for almost any market, and we can balance this information with your own data to curate results that are meaningful to your project or plan.

Meeting Facilitation

Community meetings are a fundamental piece of understanding the ideas, inherent knowledge, and direction of your community or stakeholders. Our team has worked with not-for-profits, for-profits, and communities; we are able to deliver an opportunity to engage with a diverse audience and enable dialogue surrounding your project or plan.

Ordinance and Policy Writing

Policy goes hand-in-hand with your wishes and goals, and in order to carry out your project we are ready to design local policy that is responsive to your intent while maintaining consistency with state and national enabling frameworks.

Urban Design

Integrating urban design into your project or plan helps to visualize your expectations, and tell a story about the project you are embarking upon. We believe the method to producing a great visualization is to have a sound framework to build the design upon, and our emphasis is to ensure that your design is as good as the goals, policies, and community that supports it.